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A Certified Life Mastery Consultant with over 25 years of administrative assistance experience.


Thank you!

Lorraine L.

I cannot recommend Lois enough!

Through my work with Lois and her helpful tools, I have learned to create a vision of a life I would truly love living. Because Lois is a good listener, is very intuitive, and she is very skillful on what she does as a Life Coach, I have been able to take the necessary steps to live in alignment with my dreams and purpose.

Lois has truly been instrumental in my life journey in shifting my mindset into a more positive and expansive way of thinking and feeling. In working with Lois, I now see myself in a bigger way. With my mind set on different perspectives, and focused on what can work in any given perceived challenges, I feel confident that I can take on any adversity. Thank you Lois for giving me the gift of transformation and belief in myself that I am far greater than any situation, condition, or circumstance.

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