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About Lois

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Lois Leonard has worked in the administrative field for over 25 years and specializes in providing responsive assistance for clients such that they may remain focused and leave the "paperwork" in her capable hands.

She is an experienced Life Coach and certified as a Life Mastery Consultant. Lois consults with motivated clients to coach and support them in successfully transitioning and growing to living a life they love.

Based in Penticton, Lois provides services virtually to individuals and businesses across Canada. She is an active volunteer at the local SPCA and an accredited member of Toastmasters.

Miranda G..png

Miranda G.

I had the pleasure of working with Lois over the course of several months,

and she always approached our conversations with a genuine curiosity and an authentic desire to see me recognize my own potential. She did a wonderful job of creating a non-judgemental trust environment where I felt comfortable opening up.

Lois was able to ask probing questions to challenge my preconceived ideas and thought patterns. She helped me see past the fear that was holding me back from taking the risks I knew I needed to take in order to move towards my goals. I left each conversation with a feeling of lightness and confidence in my own power to create positive changes in my life. 


Active Member of Local Community Initiatives

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