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Children's Packages

Self-Esteem/Self Confidence Builder Package

Whether or not kids believe in themselves and how they feel about themselves will shape who they are and what they create in their lives. Positive self-esteem and powerful self-confidence are not something they have or don’t have. Feeling good about themselves, even when things aren’t going their way, and believing in themselves even after they experience disappointment are skills they can develop! This package consists of 9 sessions and will help kids develop powerful self-esteem and self-confidence.

Developing Self-Leadership Package

Peer pressure is one of the toughest challenges kids face while growing up.  It is also one of the top reasons why kids get into trouble. As this is the age of cell phones with cameras and the internet, the mistakes kids make can haunt them for much of their lives.

To become a leader and not be affected by peer pressure, kids must first decide who they are and what they stand for.  This program helps them develop 4 key values of self-leadership:  self-responsibility, integrity, respect, and self-respect.

Next, children must choose what they want for themselves before they are in a tough situation, they area shown what supports making good decisions.

Finally, children must learn to “no” to their peers and “yes” to themselves.  Children are given the language they can use when in tough situations and we practice, practice, practice.

This 9 session package that will help children develop a strong inner compass, learn how to make good decisions, and stand up to peer pressure.

Goals & Achievement Package

Throughout history, humans have made the once “impossible”, possible — from electricity to airplane flight, to cell phones, to open heart surgery. Impossible dreams have become the day-to-day conveniences of today’s world.  And it is all the result of visions and dreams. Someone thought of an idea, believed in that idea, and took action to make it happen.

Children learn that no one can make their dreams come true except for them.  In this package, kids learn a three-step process for creating the life of their dreams.  They create a vision for their lives, learn how to use goal setting to act on their vision, and learn how to use the Law of Attraction tools of visualization, affirmations, and gratitude to set their mind for success.

This 9-session package helps kids understand belief systems, create a vision, learn how to set goals, take action, create affirmations/positive thinking, work through disappointments, and have a deeper sense of gratitude.

Children & Youth Pricing

One-on-One Sessions

5 Sessions - $500

9 Sessions - $875

Full Spectrum 27 Sessions - $2500

Group Sessions (2-5 children)

5 Sessions - $375 per child

9 Sessions - $650 per child

Full Spectrum 27 Sessions - $1900 per child

Workshops (6-10)

5 Sessions - $250 per child

9 Sessions - $400 per child

Full Spectrum 27 Sessions - $1,250 per

Parents, as a first step, please click the button below to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with Lois Leonard to discuss your children(s)' needs.

Lois will listen to your concerns and desires for your child and then discuss next steps for your child's progress.

Adult Packages

Dream Builder Package

Your life is meant to be experienced and lived to the fullest.  Many of us are living a life by default such that it feels that life is “happening to us”, in fact you may ask “how did I get here?”  The DreamBuilder program shows you how to design a life by discovering what you love and then bridging the gap between your current results to the ones that you truly desire to have.  Living the life you were meant to live.

This 12-week package will help adults create, bridge gaps, navigate fear and doubt, and build the life they want to live.

Life Mastery Package

The Life Mastery package offers a comprehensive guided curriculum to assist you in developing the personal empowerment required for creating positive, profound, and permanent change in any area of your life, including health, career, relationships, finances, and more. 

This 6-month package will establish higher effectiveness in the 6 pillars of Life Mastery:  Intention, Health, Abundance, Transformation, Love, and Manifestation.

Into Your Genius Package

We all have 6 mental faculties:  Imagination, Intuition Will, Memory, Reason, and Perception.  These 6 mental faculties when properly used, bring about a sense of calm during any situation, an ability to   intuitively evaluate people and opportunities, feel more self-confident and have more self-esteem, relationships become richer and more fulfilling, you are able to accomplish more things in less time. This 12-week package will open your awareness to the gifts you were born with and how to use them to create the life you want.

Working with the Law Package

Universal Laws exist and when used with understanding will change your current results to ones that you desire.  During this powerful, step-by-step program you will learn and expand your understanding of who you truly are, uncover what your limiting beliefs are, learn the powerful tools that help repattern your belief system to one that puts you in control of your results and discover the prosperity principles.  All areas of your life including relationships, finances, career, confidence, and health will have new results.

This 12-week package will develop your understanding of these 11 Universal Laws which will shift your results from what you are currently experiencing to ones that you desire.

Standing Firm While Your World is Shaking Package

Navigating through the darkness of events that occur and stop us in our tracks.  A time when the light seems so far away and undiscernible.  This program will bring you through the event, also referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul, as a forward momentum builder.  Connection with the inner sanctuary and discover the true meaning of your Dark Night experience and use it to grow into a higher version of yourself. This 4-week program will use the Dark Night experience to create a new and empowered beginning. 

Adult Pricing

One-on-One Sessions

4-Week Program - $400

12-Week Sessions - $2500
6-Month Session - $4250

Group Sessions (2-10 adults)

12-Week Sessions - $2000
6-Month Session - $3500

Schedule a Discovery Session 

Lois will listen to what is currently happening, what you would like to have happen and discuss next steps to arriving there.

Full Spectrum Life Coaching programs are provided by Lois Leonard, a certified Life Mastery Consultant.  All programs are based on the programs of the Brave Thinking Institute.


Lois Leonard is one of those coaches who, in addition to all her study and training, is naturally good at offering coaching services.  She has a way of listening for, noticing, perceiving and comprehending what is not being said or acknowledged.  She “hears” those aspects of you that reside out of sight in your subconscious and yearn for healing. Her deep compassion makes her a person with whom to be safe to be open and honest.


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