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Embrace Your Dreams

As a child and my imagination was full of power and life; it was also a blank canvas. I dreamed that I could be anything I wanted to be: a firefighter, ballerina, rock star, NFL player, President of Disneyland, or Owner of Hawaii (yes, I was very young).

What were some of your dreams?

As children we dreamed big; and even though we had no idea how to make it happen, we still dreamed. Trips to Disneyland or Aulani in Hawaii, going on an African safari, or even working with exotic animals in a Nature Reserve.

We never realized that this was dreaming big — and done with ease. No hesitation, no limits — just DREAMING. Some of us focused so much on our dream, it became integrated into reality and became was who we are and how we live.

Again, what was your childhood dream? Are you living it?

If not, is that because what you wanted changed or because someone told you it wasn’t possible and believed you out of it? I say, “believed you out of it,” because you wanted it and then someone else’s beliefs about how things work and come about became yours and you gave up on the dream.

Maybe their beliefs were someone else’s or came about when they didn’t follow their dreams because of a few “what ifs”. Beware of those “what ifs," such as what if it doesn’t work? and what if you fail? These what ifs destroy dreams and leave you with a piece missing in your life. They have stopped more dreams from coming into reality than anything else.

Now, what if you changed that thought to, what if I do succeed? and what if I was living my dream as I read this? and what if it is possible?

Are you smiling? I hope you are. The fact is that dreams are possible and I love empowering people to discover or rediscover their dreams, create or redefine their dreams, and then achieve them and live a life they love.

If you are not doing this, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Session. No pressure — just a discussion around what you long for, what you want less of, and more about your dreams.

If you're unsure as what your dreams are or how to start discovering them, I also encourage you to book a Discovery with me. I would love to discover your path and your dreams.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again soon! --Lois

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