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How to Overcome Fear

In this initial blog post, I will be addressing fear — and how you can work through it.

As this the first entry to the blog, I feel this is an ideal subject. Why you ask? Well, as my first blog post ever, there has been a resistance in me to put it up.

However, I live what I teach and deliver what I promise, so — as I have told my children, my grandchild, and my clients — I will never ask something of you, that I am not willing to do myself. In this case, that means doing the uncomfortable — the thing I fear — namely, putting myself out there.

Fear has been known to crush dreams because of a “what if". For example, what if I fail? what if I'm laughed at? and what if I get more hate than love in the chat or in an email?

However, what if we were to look at fear from a different perspective? What if your actions help to inspire someone? What if you give hope to someone who saw none? What if this was the one step that opened the door to your dream?

Fear has a friend in our naysayers or protectors: those who feel our dream is not possible. And, it may hurt us if we fail, if it doesn’t work like we planned. But, if we listen to them, then we allow our own fear to win.

Fear shows up in many ways.

It can take the form of distraction, dissuasion, doubt, and DEFCON. You may firmly want to achieve your dream and yet you may find that your mind is distracting you with the baseball game or dissuading you with the thought that it won’t happen. Or you simply doubt your abilities or create a physiological panic within yourself. If you find yourself experiencing any of these phenomena — then fear has come calling.

I invite you to say this falling phrase with a bit of attitude, “EXCUSE ME! I interrupt your broadcast to say that I am confident in my abilities, my dream, and my power to fulfill this dream. Now be on your way and don’t return today!”

It may seem a tad silly; yet the subconscious mind that has a program running from the past, doesn’t know that and will stop and allow you to proceed on with your steps towards your dreams.

Fear is the unknown, the uncomfortable, the leap. We never get over fear, we walk through, do the thing we are fearing, and then respond with, ”that didn’t seem so bad” or “I did it!” or “I can, and I did” — or my favourite — “Woo Hoo! I feel great!”

Fear has been known to stop me on several occasions. I have rationalized it out so that it doesn't appear as fear and yet the truth is — it is fear.

Things such as, “Snowboarding at 45? Freezing in the snow and getting wet from falling down many times isn't my idea of a great time.” The truth was, what if I broke a leg and couldn’t drive for the next 8 weeks? Fear.

One of my good friends said that I should be selling my baked goods and candy as they were very tasty. I told them it was my hobby and couldn’t do that given the hassle of getting licensed with Interior Health. However, this is a standard case of fear of failure. And, yes, I still bake for family and friends.

When I started learning that gifts were to be used to light up the world and not be hidden away — I started to do so. This is one of the reasons I became a coach. I walked through my fears and here I am today to tell you the world needs your light to shine.

Whether you are in sports, arts, sciences, an inventor, a speaker, a musician, a leader, or any other vocation that you love to do, your desire includes waking up thinking about it and going to bed thinking about it. It is a major part of your day. Let your fear push you forward and give you the fuel to keep that fire burning bright.

Doubt your perceived limits! Trust your dream! Trust your power and step forward one step at a time. I believe in you and know that you, like me, have more power and potential to do the things you dream of to create a life you love living for you and your family.

If you need help to take that step forward and a structure of support to maintain movement, please connect with me through a Discovery Session.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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