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The Benefits of Using a Coach

The benefits of using a Life Coach are not necessarily well-known. However, once people learn of them, they rarely turn back!

People often ask me what I do, to which I respond, “I empower people to create a life they love living.”

They then ask how this can happen. I inform them that I provide clients with tools and information that will get them out of their own way to achieve an increased level of confidence. This ultimately gives them the freedom to do what they need to do to get to where they want to go.

For many of my clients, this has meant doing things they haven’t done before, and this becomes very scary for them: what if I fail? what if someone laughs at me? what if I try and nothing changes?

These are all valid fears, and I understand and relate to them. One time, I had someone say to me, “Nothing seems to scare you; you have jumped out of a plane, gone to a place with limited knowledge, and you don’t seem to have to research anything before you make a decision.”

The truth is, things do scare me. One of the biggest things that keeps me taking action in my life, is the fear of not having lived to my potential. Resting my head on the pillow for the last time and wishing I had done more is truly a great motivator for me.

Where did I learn this? My mentor. With patience, compassion, and love this person taught me that I wanted to live 90 years of life, not one year 90 times.

With so many books, programs, Masterclasses, and information out there, why would someone need a coach? Couldn’t you just read or listen your way to a life you want to live?

Some of us can, but most of us, can’t. Why? Because what we know and what we do are different. Think of New Year’s and all those resolutions you may have made: hopes, dreams, and wishes of a different life to live. However, with no one there to help support those resolutions they'll likely become dried ink on paper.

The fact is that those that succeed generally have support. A Life Coach is your support, mentor, and believer.

The following list several reasons as of why a coach is a great addition for an adult or a child.

For Adults

• Teaches and provides tools that are in the books you read and the videos you watch; however, they are present and there to discuss what the tools and information means, answer questions, provide insight.

•Teach you the ways of creating a self-image and confidence structure that will move you forward — even when fear is trying to hold you back.

• Show you how to move through fear, failure, changes, and mistakes and how to learn and progress from these experiences.

• Support you when your current belief structure tells you that you can’t do it, that you will make a fool of yourself, that you have tried this before and failed, and all those other things you hear in your head when you want to make a change.

• They politely “call you out” when you are stuck in a pattern that isn’t serving you and yet, you are rationalizing why you can do it your way — the way that hasn’t been working.

They believe in you when you don’t. They know you are more powerful and contain more potential than you give yourself credit for. They don’t fall for your story as a reason for your dreams to dissipate.

• They are there twice a week, every week, every second week, every month — depending on your scheduling.

• They know the steps you need to take to live the life of your dreams, and they provide guidance and support along the way.

For Children

• Partners with children in a creative and thought-provoking process to help them learn how to use the power of their minds and thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in lives.

• Helps children learn how to manage life’s ups and downs, curveballs, changes, and disappointments. They learn how to bounce back and continue to go for their dream.

• Children develop self-esteem and confidence from inside themselves. They base their on who they are and not what they have, what they do for others, who they know, or what they have achieved.

• Helps children to learn how to move through anxiety and fear to stretch outside of their comfort zone and experience new things and succeeding in life.

• Assists children to think for themselves, make good decisions to maneuver through peer pressure, and remain their own person.

• Helps them learn to design their life and not drift through by default. Gain clarity, self-leadership, and become empowered by creating a vision for their future.

• Is there on a weekly or twice weekly basis to be a mentor and supporter to the child.

• Believes and helps shift the point of view within the child when the child is not able to move from a place of negativity or negative self-talk.

As you can see, a Life Coach brings forth a level of support that is not available in a book. Through increasing one’s confidence, self-esteem, bringing clarity to their desired life, Life Coaches are engaged, compassionate, and thrilled to support a person in reaching their full potential and empowering them to achieve their hopes and dreams.

If you are interested in learning more about what it's like to have a Life Coach, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Session or email me at for more information.

Thank you for stopping by, and — until we meet again — all the best and I wish you love, laughter, and light.

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